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KFSA-Kayak Fishing South Africa
Fish we target

King Mackerel or Couta are probably  the most targeted fish from a Kayak is the King Mackerel or Couta. They are caught from December until the end of July all along the Natal Coast. A hungry predator which uses sight or vibrations in the water to catch it's prey. Knowing how and where the fish hunts it's prey is the key to catching them. A fish which passes by quickly (paddling fast) will probably not catch the attention of a Couta. On the other hand a wounded or distressed fish which swims lazily past and seems to be struggling will swiftly be eaten! To enhance the attraction we use Couta flashers or Dusters and coloured skirts. See tackle and rigs These are attached in front of the Couta's favourite bait fish Mackerel, Sardine, Redeye Sardine, Bonito, Walla Walla, Jap Mackerel etc. Favourite hunting areas for Couta are reefs, drop offs, pinnacles, thermo clines, and where there are bait fish. A strong fighting fish which average from the shoal type Couta which are 4-8kg up to the Croc Couta which go from 20kg to 40kg. The Sardine run is a good time to catch the big Couta.

Natal Snoek or Queen Mackerel are similar to Couta but not as strong fighters for their size. The main difference is the Snoek can be a very fussy eater so you must use fluoro carbon and scale your tackle down. Often found in large shoals around rocky outcrops, river mouths, current rips, and shallow reefs usually less than 10 metres deep the Snoek can easily be spotted when smashing into baitfish on the surface. You can catch them by spinning with Onde Onda or dropshot, or trolling fillet baits or Clark spoons through the shoal  See tackle and rigs As with all game fish feeding on the surface this is a very exciting way to fish.

Yellowfin Tuna or Tunny are very strong fighting fish which prefer the cooler greener water. Caught on a live bait or chunks of sardine these will test your tackle. Many of these fish are landed over 20kgs on a Fishingski! There presence is often betrayed by their surface activity of either chasing bait fish or jumping clear of the water. A freshly caught live bait is a good method to catch these fish or trolling a Rapala or Halco Lure  See tackle and rigs Often these fish can be caught swimming with dolphins. Again reefs , wrecks, pinnacles are good spots to find them. Hook into one of these fish and you are in for a long fight often you will be towed long distances!!! 

Dorado are a seasonal summer fish which can be caught in numbers usually when we get the warm blue water, and you definitely have a good chance of getting a "double up" The easy part is hooking them, the hard part is landing them! These acrobatic fish will leap and shake their heads and fight to the end! Like Sailfish their colours are very bright when in the water and quickly fade when removed.See tackle and rigs

Sailfish are probably the ultimate catch from a Kayak. The sight of a Sailfish "sunbathing" with it's sail out of the water is one of the most incredible sights you will ever see, second only to releasing him back into the water after a long fight. The colours of a Sailfish when he is excited are quite magnificent and quickly fade if they are removed from the water. Try to land a Sailfish quickly as they often fight to the death. See tackle and rigs

Kingfish are the real tackle testers. Once you hook one of these monsters you know you are in for an arm aching fight. A good time to target the big Kingfish is during June / July when the sardines are around. Strong hooks and leaders are required as well as patience for the long fight. Trolling,See tackle and rigs live bait, Rapalas, Halcos all work. Also dropshot is a good method to catch them, especially the smaller ones. Balance your tackle to the size of fish you expect to catch.  

Pickhandle Barracuda / Sea Pike are often caught when fishing for other game fish, although they can be specifically targeted. They tend to hang around in large numbers around under water obstructions and refs. When you catch one keep looking under water as often the shoal follow their mates up to your ski!!! Early morning and late afternoon is the best time to fish for them. They have large eyes and are shaped to ambush their prey with short bursts of energy. They have huge teeth from which a Rapla, Halco, or bait fish has no escape!!!See tackle and rigs

Prodiagal Son are often caught when fishing with the methods listed above. A good place to find them is under other large marine creatures, especially Whale Sharks. See tackle and rigs




Wahoo Are not often caught on Kayaks / Fishingskis due to not being able to troll your bait fast enough for them. They are occasionally caught when pulling a Rapala or Halco lure as fast as possible. Alternatively we have a range of lures See tackle and rigs These speed masters will test the drag on your reel to it's limit.


Blue Marlin

Marlin Although these huge predators are not specifically targeted there has been some landed by Kayak fishermen. To catch and land one of these ocean predators would be a lifetime achievement. I was fortunate enough to land one in the Paindane species classic competition May 2008. Range of lures available here See tackle and rigs

Little Tunny

Bonito or Eastern little Tuna Are the ultimate game fish bait. If you see these fish on the surface throw a spoon or Onde Onda to catch them. No passing game fish can refuse this tasty meal. Larger specimens are also caught and like the rest of the Tuna family give a good fight. See tackle and rigs

Bottom fishing is generally frowned upon from Fishing skis / Kayaks as it is the bottom fish which attract the game fish to come to the reefs - no bottom fish no game fish! Having said that when the game fish are not about the odd one for the pan does no harm. See tackle and rigs


Mackerel is a prime baitfish for Couta (King Mackerel) Dorado, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna. Caught in great numbers in the winter and spring with a Sabiki Yozuri rig.

Sardines Are one of the best baits you can use along the Natal Coast. Either Red eyes which are caught by rod and line with a Sabiki Yozuri rig or Natal sardines which are caught in the annual sardine run in June July. These baits are also readily available in tackle shops and local shops.

Maasbanker is an excellent bait used live with a 600-1000m wire trace and a single hook in the top lip only. Can also be trolled dead for Yellowfin Tuna.

Please observe all bag limits and size limits. Do not fish without a licence which is available from the post office.

Text taken from www.konicaminoltasa.com website Paindane 2008 species competition

After the final briefing and welcoming was over the night before the competition, many didn’t stick around and made a bee line straight for their chalets to do some last minute tackle organizing. The Competition got underway on Tuesday at noon and as boats lined the beach in wait of the starters call, all were in search of that perfect catch. The launch at Paindane is a very friendly one and even the most novice of paddlers can make it out to the fishing grounds which are no more than 600 meters from the beach. One man who did take full advantage of the perfect, windless conditions on the first day was owner of the Umkomaas Guest House, Mick Clarke, who went straight onto a lovely Black Marlin estimated to be around 80 kilos which was later safely released for a very rewarding 100 points. First timer, Chris Thompson was all smiles when he went on with a lovely Queenfish of around 10kg and a Couta of 7kg and as he brought them to the boat all who were watching spurred him on together with the occasional friendly chirp, so was the spirit of the competition. As the day wore on fish came out in dribs and drabs and with the competitors even battling to catch couta, which are usually so plentiful in this area, most resorted to just socializing on the water with other competitors and carrying on the friendly vibe and atmosphere which this competition is so well known for. After the first days fishing had commenced with the calling of lines in at 5 o clock and the fish had been weighed, the top three were as follows, Mick Clarke with a stunning Black Marlin took first place on 100 points with Laird Shooter who’s highlight was a small sailfish which was released and last years winner Marcus Potgieter taking up second and third place respectively.

Stealth report of Paindane comp

Highlights from Day one included the tag and release of an 80kg black marlin by the guru Mick clarke...to think Mick only took up the sport about three years ago and now he is a well respected angler with a black marlin on his list of catches-one of only a few in fact i think he is the first angler I know of to release a marlin on the ski and thats one awesome feat....Well done you legend....
Other highlights included Laird shooters catch and release of a sailfish and Marcus Potgieter's 20,5 kg couta

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Kayak Fishing South Africa Sales and hire of Kayak Fishing Skis Umkomaas Aliwal Shoal Durban South Coast KZN

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Kayak Fishing South Africa Sales and hire of Kayak Fishing Skis Umkomaas Aliwal Shoal Durban South Coast KZN
Kayak Fishing South Africa Sales and hire of Kayak Fishing Skis Umkomaas Aliwal Shoal Durban South Coast KZN

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